Bring the cafe to the classroom

My happy place to go to is the cafe. I love sitting down with my strong flat white, ordering the most outrageous meal on the menu and chatting with friends and family. However, we can’t go out to a cafe at the moment, so bring the cafe to the classroom! Our students need to feel like they are in their happy place when they return to school this week. How can we recreate that feeling we get when catching up with our BFFs in our favourite cafe? 

It doesn’t matter what your own personal beliefs are about the current schooling situation and Phase 1, we need to remain positive and model the attitude we want from our children. To facilitate this and ensure their wellbeing is okay we need to bring the cafe to the classroom. As well as creating an environment that becomes their happy place, the acronym I have created for CAFE is a set of rules we can follow as teachers in Phase 1:

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How meeting your new class is like getting married on MAFS

Walking into a new class is just like walking down the aisle on Married at First Sight! You need to make a good first impression! Look good, smell good and feel good. That’s your classroom that I’m talking about. When your students first walk into your classroom, you want them to immediately feel comfortable. 

Love at first sight

There’s nothing worse than having your students excited to learn after the holidays and ready for a fresh start. Then, they walk into this room that smells like your grandmother’s wardrobe and looks just as boring! Now, I know there some next level instagrammable classrooms out there and we don’t need to go that far. However, as teachers, we need to look at ourselves as salespeople and our job is to sell the importance of education!

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How to communicate with your child like an FBI negotiator

Image of an angry child

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