Why Project-Based Learning should be used in every class

Project-based learning is a way of developing students’ learning through having them “engage in a real-world problem or answering a complex question,” as stated by PBL Works. The structure of traditional teaching methods means that most lessons blur into one. I always think back to my time at school as a student and ask myself, what do I remember learning? Unfortunately, the answer is – not a lot! It’s not because I didn’t have great, passionate teachers, but rather the way I was taught. 

Traditional teaching methods struggle in being long-lasting, memorable and developing students’ creativity, problem-solving, communication and critical thinking skills. Answering questions from textbooks and copying down notes will always be vital for learning and remembering information, but it is difficult to develop deeper-learning and higher-order thinking through them. Continue reading “Why Project-Based Learning should be used in every class”

iOnTheFuture6 Conference – Review

“If you drive all day looking in your rear vision mirror, you’ll crash.”

Young Rusty, came up with this profound analogy while sitting in the truck on another road trip. A routine trip that would have seemed so far from reality without Backtrack Boys. Rusty openly admitted that he would probably be dead without this amazing program that focuses on its core principles on the Circle of courage – belonging, independence (own your own s**t), generosity and mastery. Bernie Shakeshaft, Rusty and James Knight sat on stage to cap off an inspiring day of high-quality professional development. Continue reading “iOnTheFuture6 Conference – Review”