About Learning with Mr. Lee


To give kids an opportunity at becoming the best versions of themselves.


To create a team of educators, parents and children focused on ensuring our next generation has a bright future.


It is only fair that every child has an opportunity in life. The kids matter and they are everyone's responsibility.

My story

I have never followed the stereotypical path of a teacher. I am an Australian born Chinese that grew up playing rugby league in Redfern, NSW.  My name is Brendan Lee and I have been involved in education at various levels for over 10 years. As well as being a teacher, I have also run a couple of businesses.

Having two daughter’s of my own, I became scared of the world that they would grow up in. I questioned whether it would allow them to become the best versions of themselves.

Currently, there are various inequities, ineffective practices and political injustices that effect our students learning. For every great teaching moment or amazing student transformation, there is a glaring reminder that things can be done better. It isn’t about blaming people, but rather taking responsibility for the fact that, the kids matter. 

I will be documenting my journey and using evidence-based practice to ensure my students become respectful and future-focused with a love of learning!